Best Convertible Car Seat 2014 with Reviews

Britax Pavilion G4 Convertible Car SeatAre you searching for the best convertible car seat for your baby?

Well, Tot On Board will help you out with your search. We have reviewed the best seats available and also provide NHTSA ratings so you will not need to visit multiple sites to get the important information you are seeking. This site will provide you with the complete information on these seats, their key features and safety benefits.

Combined with the reviews, you will find the Ultimate Comparison Guide, which is our advanced comparison chart to help compare convertible seats and decide on the best one for your baby’s comfort and safety.


  • Product Image
  • Target Gender
  • Orientation
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Min. Weight
  • Max. Weight
  • NHTSA Security Rating
  • NHTSA Overall Rating
  • User Ratings
  • User Reviews
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Warranty
  • Best Price
Peg Perego Premium
  • Peg Perego Premium
  • Unisex
  • Forward/Rear Facing
  • 11 Pounds
  • 18.7 x 21.2 x 26 In
  • 5 Pounds
  • 65 Pounds
  • Very Good - 4 out of 5 stars
  • Very Good ~ 4 out of 5 stars
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • 249
  • Limited 1 Year
  • $349.99
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Britax Pavilion G4
  • Britax Pavilion G4
  • Unisex
  • Forward/Rear Facing
  • 19.5 Pounds
  • 21 x 18.5 x 26 In
  • 5 Pounds
  • 65 Pounds
  • Excellent - 5 out of 5 stars
  • Very Good ~ 4 out of 5 stars
  • Very Good ~ 4 out of 5 stars
  • 79
  • Limited 1 Year
  • $249.98
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Diono RadianRXT
  • Diono RadianRXT
  • Unisex
  • Forward/Rear Facing
  • 24 Pounds
  • 10 x 17 x 28.5 In
  • 5 Pounds
  • 80 Pounds
  • Average - 3 out of 5 stars
  • Below Average ~ 2 out of 5 stars ~ Ratings dropped due to poor installation manual and labels, otherwise good product
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • 955
  • Limited 1 Year
  • $269.99
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1. Britax Pavilion G4

Britax Pavilion G4 Convertible Car SeatThe newest convertible car seats of 2014 are specially engineered to protect your kid’s safety while driving. This Britax Pavilion G4 is made out of 100% polyester. It is designed using safe cell technology that gets compressed during a crash and automatically lowers the center of gravity which in return moves your child’s seat forward and normally propels the child towards the front side. This stylish and safety car seat would not only enhance the feel of a long drive, but also secures your child’s life.

For its various key features, amazing safety benefits, positive user reviews and ratings from users and NHTSA ratings, this seat has been rated number one on our site.

Key Features

  • The base of the car seat is designed using safe cell technology.
  • It comes with a two point attachments that minimizes the rotation of the seat which is energy absorbing.
  • It comes with a side impact protection that is compressed with wall lines with energy absorbing foam that acts as a shield.
  • The car seat is distributed with tangle free five point harness that is placed across the strongest parts and gives a perfect and secure fit.
  • The car seat is protected with a unique harness called harness ultra guard system that provides resistance while moving forward even during a crash.
  • The Britax Pavilion G4 car seat can carry a weight up to 65 pounds safely and comfortably.
  • The rear and front facing recline are designed for proper positioning and safety.
  • The foam is made using high density foam that gives extra padding and cushion effect.
  • To add extra comfort the car seat is provided with plush and easy to remove cover that can be matched with the comfort pads for more comfort and safety.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of car seat makes it more comfortable and easy to use.
  • The process is very simple and easy to access as it does not have any specific installation or dissembling process separately for the child seat.
  • Britax Pavilion G4 comes with a two buckle positioning that can be used even after the child grows older.
  • There is a special option provided for infant to position them that give a snug fit and hold the child.
  • It is quite easy to adjust and re-position the harness according to the height you require or your shoulder.
  • The provision to lock the car seats is provided that ensures snug lap and shoulder belt.
  • This model comes with a head and body pillow that adds extra comfort.
  • The cup holder and storage pouch is attached to the sides of the car seat to store water bottle, cold drinks and others adds value to the seat.

Safety Benefits

  • This car seat is made using integrated steel bars that add strength to the connection of the vehicle and helps in reducing the movement of the child seat during a crash.
  • Britax Pavilion G4 car seat is a special edition that is designed with safety giving its first preference included the anti slip and control base grip that adds more safety to your car seat and gives an optimum lift to your vehicle when required.
  • The harness holder holds the strap tight enough that the child is protected from falling or slipping from the car seat.

Overall Verdict

To sum up about the Britax Pavilion G4, it is one of the best car seats of 2014 that are specially designed for safety and comfort. This car seat can be used by one and all of any age that comes at a very affordable price and easy installation process.

2. Peg Perego Premium

Peg Perego Convertible Car SeatThe seat comes fully assembled and it is easy to install which means no extra installation of head rest or kick bars. It is slim, stylish and comfortable for toddlers. It’s price is justified by the high quality you are getting for this premium product. It’s quite fashionable and it is made in Italy which really says a lot about its high quality and style.

The seat fits well even in small cars such as a mini cooper even during rear facing. The seat itself is not too big or too small, it’s a perfect fit for any car. It can be installed with the common seat belts you have in your vehicle, or with the latch system.

Accidents happen without any warning and this premium car seat is designed with the child’s safety in mind. This seat is the safest in its class.

Key Features

  • Reversible is used when rear facing for babies weighing between 5 and 45 lbs and forward facing is for children weighing from 22 to 65 lbs.
  • Adjustable latch connectors make it more stable and is quite easy to re-position for rear facing or forward facing installation.
  • Removable Seat Cushion is made of washable fabric.
  • It has a solid sturdy design and yet weighs in at 11 lbs and fits securely in the car’s back seat.
  • It comes in various colors that suit the parent’s taste as well as the toddler’s. The custom colors means you can match it to the toddler’s gender.
  • This seat lets you adjust the side impact protection in place as your child grows in it. This means it envelops your baby in a unit that protects the head as well as head and neck.
  • The base is well rounded at the edges so it won’t dig into the car seat’s fabric.

Safety Benefits

  • Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) protects baby’s head, neck and spine. It can easily adjust to 10 various positions, even while the child is in the seat, thus ensuring the best and safer fit.
  • Energy absorbing foam, specifically Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS), in the seat’s shell and also the head panel does protect the baby’s head and torso from impact forces.
  • Shock Absorbing Foam Element object located underneath the shell crumples upon impact, hence reducing stress on baby’s neck and shoulders in case of an accident.
  • The straps that fit over that little one are wide and padded to provide not only safety, but also comfort. It’s made with soft fabric that does not overheat the baby.
  • High temperatures are not ideal for small babies and make them very uncomfortable. The seat has a recline feature that does not allow the head to fall forward when the baby sleeps.

Overall Verdict

This car seat is highly recommended for those mobile active parents who love to take their babies along with them. It is easy for regular use, easy to clean and will allow the baby to ride in safety, comfort and style. Peg Perego Premium seat might be a bit pricey but it is worth every penny.

3. Diono RadianRXT

Diono RadianRXTDiono RadianRXT is one of the best convertible plus booster car seats that will accommodate your children from the time they are born, till the time they grow up to fifty seven inches in height and attain a total of a hundred and twenty pounds. It has great and versatile designs and features that can easily be adjusted at will to suit ones needs.

It ensures you with safety and the security of your child as these two things are the key priorities. This is ensured because of the premium materials used in manufacturing, such as EPS foam that are energy absorbing. Diono RadianRXT’s side walls are reinforced with aluminum and the frames are made of steel alloy. It also has an adjustable head-rest which keeps your child comfortable.

Key Features

  • It has five-point harness for security reasons.
  • Additional comfort is provided by the memory foam.
  • Your baby is kept correctly and comfortably positioned by the infant support cushions
  • The seats have three feature modes so that the children that are growing can be accommodated
  • The head support is normally reinforced to ensure that any extra side protection is guaranteed
  • It has a limited warranty of one year
  • They have been satisfied on standards, for use on the airplanes
  • Their covers are soft to feel on the children’s skin and are also easy o be cleaned
  • They have EPS foam that can absorb energy and steel alloy frames

Safety Benefits

  • The five-point harness provides additional protection to your children reducing impact in case your child is seated while facing the forward side.
  • The alloy steel alloy frame in Diono RadianRXT ensures a stable foundation.
  • Not forgetting the EPS foam energy absorber that offers protections in case of side impact.
  • The side walls that are reinforced with aluminum and have EPS foam to serve the purpose of protection and also reduce rotation of these seats in case there is an impact.

Overall Verdict

Diono RadianRXT is capable of providing comfort and safety to your child. It is a versatile seat as it can fit in a variety of vehicles. The price range of RadianRXT falls under $300 which is a decent price for all the features it comes with. Due to so many positive reviews and safety standards, this seat stands on third position on our list.

What is a Convertible Car Seat?

A convertible car seat is a car seat that is specifically designed for infants and toddlers. The seat is usually well designed to ensure that the young one is secure while traveling in a car. The seat has been designed to either face the rear of the vehicle or the front of the vehicle. This however, depends on the weight of the young one. It is recommended that the seat faces the rear of the vehicle if the infant is 30 pounds and below while toddlers above the weight of 30 pounds can use the seat facing the front of the car. However, it is important to note that car seats facing the rear of the car are safer compared to those facing the front of the car.

The seat is designed in a way that it can be threaded to car seat belts. This will help keep the baby secure in case of an accident. Most seats face the rear of the car. However, the number of seats facing the front of the car has been on the rise over the last few months. It is important to check on the weight of the limits of car seats. These are usually listed on the car seat sides. This information will help you when choosing the appropriate car seat for you.

What are the Benefits of Using a Convertible Car Seat?

The benefits of having a convertible car seat far outweigh the disadvantages. Some countries have put in place laws that require parents who drive with their young ones to protect them in the event an accident occurs. Having a car seat will enable you to drive freely with your young one. The other advantage is that; the seat protects infants and toddlers from injuries in case an accident occurs. Road accidents can occur at any time. It is therefore, important that parents take necessary measures to protect their young ones in case an accident occurs.

Convertible car seats are also very comfortable for young children. The seat allows the kids to rest comfortably and even sleep peacefully. This helps reduce fatigue of tots when travelling. The seat also allows child to play in the car.

What are the Features of a Convertible Car Seat?

  • They have shoulder straps that are essential to ensure that young one are safe in case an accident occurs.
  • They also have a headrest that ensures young ones are comfortable when travelling.
  • Most of these seats also have cup holders. These cup holders are essential as infants need to be well hydrated when traveling. They are placed on both sides of the seat and also help the liquid not to spill in case one is traveling on a bumpy road.
  • These seats are also designed to fit in a wide range of vehicles.
  • These are also designed in such a way that they can be adjusted as the child grows. This helps parents to save their hard earned money as they do not to buy car seats every year. The seats can be used as long as the young one is still a toddler.
  • The car seats are relatively easy to install. However, it is strongly recommended that once parents install the car seats they should have it looked by a professional for safety purposes.

List of Safety Features You Should Consider Before Buying

5-Point Harness

Parents should consider buying convertible seats that have 5-point harness system. This means that the convertible car seat should have 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps and 1 one strap between the legs. These straps should all meet at the middle. This increases the safety of your baby when traveling.

Impact Protection

The most important function of a these seats is to keep your baby safe in case of an accident. The biggest threat to children as a result of accidents is a neck injury. It is therefore important to consider buying a seat that supports the neck of the young one. Seats facing the rear of the car have been specifically designed to protect young one from neck injury during accidents.

Frame Material

One of the most important aspect before considering a seat for your baby as in case of a crash, a solid frame can maximize the chances of the safety of your kid.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam

If the baby’s seat is equipped with EPS Foam, it enhances the security from side impacts as this foam is energy absorbing in nature.


Before picking up a convertible seat, go through various features, safety aspects, designs, ratings and then choose the one which suits your needs. We have provided you with a comparison guide which will help you narrow down the products, fit for your requirements. Take out time to read convertible car seat reviews of 2014 and user preferences. The whole process will ensure that you bring the best convertible car seat for your tot.

In the end, we wish you happy and safe traveling with your family.

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