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Safety Tips While Using Convertible Car Seat

Safety Tips While Using Convertible Car Seat

Convertible car seats are specially designed to help you to switch over from rear facing to front facing position. This position can be used for a longer duration comfortably without giving much strain to your child’s body. The most important part feature of this seat is that it can be used even after the child grows and yet be safe.

Safety Features

The convertible car seat acts as a safety shield for the child and protects it throughout the travel. The convertible car seats have selected has 5 point harnesses as this gives a better fit. Thee straps are wide enough and does not twist easily. As, twisted straps would effect the sitting position.

Safety Tips

  • Always see to that the front harness is adjusted properly as this is the main strap that can protect you from getting injured.
  • Look out for the seat belt routing path and install suing the threading method for more safety.
  • For additional safety, you can check for the top tether that is available on the car seat to improve the fitting and have a comfortable sitting position.
  • Check the rear facing weight limit for infants and fix accordingly for a safe ride.
  • Always buy a narrower model, if there is necessity of using the back seats.
  • Check if the car requires installing of multiple numbers of car seats. Accurate dimensions of seats are preferable for a perfect fit in rear and front facing positions.
  • Try to find out the perfect size by asking for a display model of the car seat before buying.
  • It is not a safe option for infants to travel on Convertible car seats as it might not be a perfect fit for your child.

Safety Precautions

Even a professional driver, with a safer car can be ineffective if the car seats are not installed properly. Check for all the instructions being followed, according to the manual. It’s always safe to have a car technician inspect the installation and makes sure that all the adjustments are perfect.

It’s always advisable that the children below the age of 1 are always seated rear facing to ensure safe driving.

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